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Thursday 30th July 2015 16:00 Hours
Entry 162: My Second CONTEST: Arabian Costumes for my OCs! RESULTS
Greetings to the World once again!

Well I’ve seen all the entries, but I guess it’s time for you all to see the results of the contest.
If you’re not interested in Roleplaying and just want the results, then go ahead and scroll down.

All Participants please send a comment to say you’ve seen the results, and if you’re a Winner or Runner Up I will give you your points when you’ve commented.

R (Alphabets)O Alphabets (Words)L Alphabets (Words)E (Alphabets)P (Alphabets)L Alphabets (Words)A (Alphabets)Y (Alphabets)

Me: All the girls have been trying on each of the sets of Arabian outfits and believe me I’ve enjoyed every second of it (desperately trying not to sound like a pervert) *all the girls give me an evil stare*.
What? I can’t help it I’m a guy!

A quick word from each of my girls about their entries!

Primrose: Such a mixture of entries, I see people have seen my upgraded staff of nature. I feel like the dancer of the group which will help me for an adventure I haven’t told you yet.
Me: Wow a story I am unaware of, wow you’ve been busy.

Stacey: *going through the chest of clothes* I CAN’T DECIDE DX, Purple or Blue?
Me: Wow, that’s quite the tough decision since your entries were only in those two colours. Blue to match your normal style, or Purple to possibly impress Jacob?
Stacey *blushes*
Laura: You’ve got one set that makes you look like Aladdin, hehe! Good thing we’ve got that pot Choulaphone gave to Nicole!

Laura: Well my outfits are totally in season! Like, loving the mix of my favourite colours red and black. Someone get me on the cat walk and let the cameras snap away *falls onto cushions* I AM SO HOT!
Me: Okay, Okay calm down Laura, go release that excitement on the bongo drum that chelleface90 gave you!

Me: Well obviously the girl with the most entries is you Amber by a long way!
Hehe, that shows just how sexy I am! No matter which outfit I wear, you girls would never pull off! I could even wear the outfits made for all the other girls and still be the hottest girl here! *flicks hair*
Laura: Whatever, I could so wear your outfits too and the boys would be for me more!
Amber: Oh you’re just saying that because you think you have bigger breasts than me!
Me: Now then girls, break it up! Leave all the fighting for when the boys are in the room!

Celina: ------
Me: You okay Celina?
Celina: *falls to floor in disappointment* I can’t believe I’m a flat chest elf.
Kerri: HA! You are not worthy of having such feminine powers, you know what they say “no breasts, no magic” no wonder you can’t become a sorcerer!
Me: Come on Kerri stop showing off, I’m sure they’ll grow eventually Celina.
Gypsum: Yeah and then you’ll be hugged by all the guys!

Me: What about you Kerri, I think you got the smallest of variation out of all the girls!
Kerri: HA! But you forget my darker outfit from InsertAliasHere1 which shows my true poisonous lust to you!
Me: Fine, what about all those shiny jewels, gems and necklaces on some of your other entries? Surely you’d feel royalty in that entry ChibiSheepi did too?
Kerri: *thinks for a moment* HA! You think I care so much for those shiny things? I get royalty my way, with powers! *obviously tsundering*

Me: And finally Gypsum, you’ve had a mixture of everything haven’t you?
Gypsum: Heck yeah! Someone actually drew me in my Fairy size so now you know what I look like half the time since I can change from fairy to human size.
Me: Speaking of, do you prefer the outfits more Fairy like or-
Stacey: DAPHNE! THAT’S WHO IT IS! That outfit by KireiAimi makes you look like Daphne from Scooby Doo! --- What, just saying.
Gypsum: Who?
Me: Never mind, what about the colour? You’ve got a few red-pink but there’s a blue outfit somewhere…
Gypsum: Meh, colour don’t bother me honey. It’s the feel of it that matters to me!

R (Alphabets)E (Alphabets)S (Alphabets)U (Alphabets)L Alphabets (Words)T (Alphabets)S (Alphabets)

If I had a magic lamp, one of my wishes would be to mix up some of the outfits with colour schemes of the other outfits.
Everyone has done so well and you all deserve a round of applause and some chocolate for all your hard work! I can’t thank you all enough for entering and making my girls more hot and beautiful.

Right are you girls ready?
All 7 girls: YES PETER!
*blushing hard towards a nose bleed*
Okay, so here are a reminder of the entries!

Amber by T-Rex10Contest Entry- Amber by SamuraiButterfly8725Amber-Arabian clothes contest by DuskWing5Amber by TSilvTMNTArabian by Souffle-OswinFullbody by Haru-czContest Entry Gypsum by faith-of-fatePrimrose .:CE:. by innocentjadeStacey and Laura by VeoLuAmber, Kerri, and Stacey in Arabian outfits by QBeagleArabian Clothing Contest by lizlizardx15Contest Entry for tulf42's Contest: Laura by PieChan34-CreationsContest Entry by TigersSunshynNicole in the Arabian Nights by The-Mad-CatAmber Sand Dancer by The-Mad-CatCompetition: The whole Crew! by D793Contest entry: Kerri by ChibiSheepiAmber Fan art by AnimeFerDriaPrimrose (Contest entry) by MsArtGardenCelina - Contest by A-GrenadeContest - Arabian Nights by Tulf42 by Louna-AshasouChibi Stacey (Contest Entry) by raspberryitaliansodaCE: Arabian Harem by chelleface90Laura in arabian harem clothing by ZarixieGypsum by KireiAimiContest: Gypsum Pebley by ChibiMonga0211Contest Entry  by InsertAliasHere1contest oc by ChoulaphoneTulf outfits progress by AnimeFerDria

Runners Up (Second Place) (20 Points Each)
NicolePrimrose .:CE:. by innocentjade     StaceyChibi Stacey (Contest Entry) by raspberryitaliansoda     LauraContest Entry for tulf42's Contest: Laura by PieChan34-Creations     AmberContest Entry- Amber by SamuraiButterfly8725
CelinaArabian by Souffle-Oswin     KerriContest Entry  by InsertAliasHere1     GypsumGypsum by KireiAimi

Winners (30 Points Each and Final Drawing)
NicoleContest - Arabian Nights by Tulf42 by Louna-Ashasou     StaceyStacey and Laura by VeoLu     LauraLaura in arabian harem clothing by Zarixie     AmberAmber Sand Dancer by The-Mad-Cat
CelinaCelina - Contest by A-Grenade     KerriContest entry: Kerri by ChibiSheepi     GypsumContest: Gypsum Pebley by ChibiMonga0211

And as a bonus, I will give an honorable mention for the best background to CE: Arabian Harem by chelleface90

And thanks to the deviants who have shared my contest 

Contest by tulf42!Like designing outfits? Got some extra time? Need some points? Check out tulf42's contest here!:

Draw his lovely OCs in some Arabian-style attire, and you could win a maximum of 210 :points:!
That's all, and
Thanks for Reading!
Ohemgee it's a Contest!Hi guys! Please go check out tulf42's contest!
It would be greately appreciated! here's the link --->

Well done and Thank You to everyone who has joined! I will draw the 1st place’s Arabian Outfits in my style over my holiday next week. And of course, I’ll try and make a small summer comic to make more use of the outfits.

Please comment to say you’ve seen the results so I can give you your points! Take care everybody! 

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